What a beautiful wedding day and I had an opportunity to capture it! The Bride looked absolutely stunning. Quick preview from yesterday’s session. :))))

Sneak peak from Julian’s Christening


Sneak peak from this weekend’s session with adorable Baby Jack. He was such a great model. :)))

Had an amazing photo shoot with this adorable Leia this weekend! So precious. :)))


Had so much fun today with handsome Sporty and his gorgeous owner ~ Cassie. Here’s a sneak peak from our amazing morning session. :)))

Here’s a little teaser from my photo shoot with this drop dead gorgeous Ashley.

My amazing make up artist, Amber in action. She is simply spectacular! Check out her blog ~ http://lavishpout.com

It was such a perfect day!


Could she be any cuter? :)))


Working on an amazing project this morning with the most stylish 2 year old I have ever known!